Tan –  Pool Fence DIY, dirt sleeve and cap | Use this product to install your stainless steel 1/2″ Peg Fence in dirt, or Pavers*. Now your DIY Pool Fence can be easily installed in to almost every type of yard; whether it be, concrete, clay, dirt, porcelain tiles, concrete Pavers, wood decks, and many more. The Pool Fence DIY Dirt Sleeve is made from high density polymers and is over 12″ long for added stability. The sleeve has a pointed base to allow for easy installation. A drainage hole through the length of the sleeve to prevent water from filling the sleeve. Also, when you remove the fence you can place the cover cap in to the sleeve to prevent dirt and debris from filling sleeve.



*3/4″ bit required for installation through Concrete, Pavers, wood deck or any other type of solid surface.